Random Ramblings

Manuscript gremlins are feeding on my words and leaving their sticky little tracks!

How does a manuscript that has had easily a hundred or more hours of editing put into it morph into a kindle e-book with a major mistake? I sure don’t know, but was appalled to find a note to myself in brackets in the published version of Weathering Jack Storm.

Before that, I was bemoaning a typo of the word hear where the word her should have been in Jack Who? Now, that one letter mess up seems minor in comparison.

In meeting deadlines, and working between two different laptops while using cloud storage, a horrible fubar happened. Every time I think of it, I become embarrassed. Last night, I thought, “What would it take to make me shrug my shoulders and let this go?” The answer was not good. “A worse published screw up.” So you know what? I’m going to do my best to shrug, *doing it now* breath, *long breath* and let go…