“Reading is the last thing I do before sleep each night. I love falling asleep with the newest characters in my life.”

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6 days ago

SO I loved the Rising Moon Series…Probably the best thing I’ve read on this site. It was amazing. For the whole weekend, I was literally dead to the world. I was just spending the whole two days reading your stories on my phone. I read all of them except the Vampire one because I don’t really read vampire stories 😛 But I LOVED them. I’m fanning you so I can read any future stories! ^_^

“I am a jackaddict. I read this story friday and when it wasn’t enough I read the entire RS series over the weekend, can’t wait for any updates but will try to be patient. Good to know you are working on something to share.” 2/12

mdennison commented on Jack Who? – ~SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES~. “The best book I’ve read in a long time, and the best I’ve read on wattpad! You are an amazing writer, keep it up!”

Supermodelog commented on Star Gazing – Chapter 1 Star Gazers. “… You are just the best. Thanks!!! Do you have any published books for sale? I just love your writing…”

morganasnow replied to you. “Thank you for writing! I nearly lost hope in this site when I stumbled on your stories. Please do keep writing! ;D” 2 hours ago reply to message

casppa commented on Rock Stars (RS Series 3) (Completed) – You rock! Thanks for reading!. “I’ve enjoyed your Rock Star series but so far nothing comes close to your story “Jack Who” that story is still phenomenal

MutedEmotions commented on Jack Who? – CHAPTER 21. “you are my new favorite author ! cant wait till the next chapter.” 27 minutes ago

giggs12 replied to you.

“Hmmm it’s not easy to give up Matt and loco. But I think….. Just let me keep reading. @Hooha84 thank u for recommending . I did go vote for her book and I have been hooked since. I’m not one to follow all the authors on here , just because i read their books. I follow or fan them if I really enjoy their writing and value their recommendations. Thank you for all time, effort, and dedication you put in your writings.”

DudeYouStoleMyCookie commented on Rising Sun, Half Moon, Rock Stars (RS 1&2) (Watty Award 2012 Finalist) – HM: CHAPTER 18 THE REST OF THE NIGHT. “I almost cried reading this 😮 amazing though. really really amazing. You’re an amazing author. also, I voted for it in the watt awards 🙂 it deserves to win :)”

hellouniverse100 commented on Jack Who? – CHAPTER 21. “just read all of the chapters up till now and kind of sad i can’t read anymore so please update SOON! ….one of my new fav books and authors” 2 hours ago

truepurple1 commented on Jack Who? – CHAPTER 10. “I am so sucked in, I can’t escape the realm you have created, Jack and Marrisa are in my dreams.” 2 hours ago

ronadel1985 commented on Jack Who? – CHAPTER 14.

“hmmm one of the best ive read so far in watty 🙂 more updates please and more intimate and loving moments for jack and marissa. i will watch out for the next release, okay. Godbless”

BeMyMaker commented on Surviving Paradise (Completed) – survivors of this story. “Thanks for the special mention! Your stories always suck me in and I just can’t stop reading it! I literally go to bed imagining what’s going to happen next and then I just have to know! =)”

EmmielouKates commented on Rising Sun, Half Moon, Rock Stars (RS 1&2) (Watty Award 2012 Finalist) – About Rising Sun. “I love this series, are there anymore? The only problem is they are so good I tend to neglect my own writing lol.”


10 minutes ago

I just voted for Rock Stars in the Watty Finals, it definitely deserves to win, it is by far the best I’ve read on Wattpad. I wish you the best of luck and will definitely be passing the word on to fellow Wattpad readers to read and vote for Rock Stars, Delia

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