When the Camellia Blooms Episode 1

The police Yong-Sik drives the police car and arrives at the crime scene where someone has been dead. He walks to the dead. His colleague Captain Byun fails to stop Yong-Sik. Yong-Sik sees the germanium bracelet on the dead’s hand.

When the Camellia Blooms Episode 1

Dong-Baek walks out of her store and tries to pick up the rabbit doll. But her hat drops. She pushes her hair aside so that people see her face. The men are falling for her immediately. Chan-Suk asks Gwi-Ryeon if Dong-Baek is pretty. Gwi-Ryeon denies.

Chan-Suk gives her husband Jin-Bae a slap and tells him to close his mouth. Dong-Baek helps the worker move the pram. Gwi-Ryeon laughs and thinks Dong-Baek is a mom. Jae-Young says that Dong-Baek is a newlywed. Chan-Suk praises Dong-Baek that she is a pretty young mom. The men are lost.

Deok-Sun is furious to walk in the house. Chan-Suk thinks Yong-Sik must’ve caused trouble again. Seung-Yeob reveals Yong-Sik got stabbed.

Kyu-Tae checks the house and complains that the water from the tap looks rusty. But Dong-Baek points out that it didn’t need any windows when it was a storage for dried seafood. She asks for a window over there. But he says that the house is cheap because there’re no windows.

When the Camellia Blooms

Kyu-Tae thinks Dong-Baek should take care of the windows herself as she’s a tenant. He says that he likes tenants who are self-reliant. He asks her about her husband as he needs to talk to him about the utility bills and the kitchen sink. Dong-Baek tells Kyu-Tae that she is self-reliant and he can speak to her regarding everything.

Jeong-Suk asks Deok-Sun if Yong-Sik beat someone up. She does the rice gimmick. Deok-Sun stops Jeong-Suk and tells her to make a talisman for her. But Jeong-Suk tells Deok-Sun that even shamans cannot change her fate. She tells her that Joseon would’ve been thrown upside down if Yong-Sik had been born in ancient times.

Deok-Sun asks Jeong-Suk why she always thinks that her son would’ve been a lowborn. Jeong-Suk explains that she just thinks Yong-Sik would’ve taught all those good-for-nothing aristocrats a serious lesson. Deok-Sun sighs and hopes her son’s fate to be changed. She says that she never asked him to go to the bank that day to pay the utility bills.

Deok-Sun is called my the police, and she is told that her son is at the police station. She arrives at the police station and thinks Yong-Sik is a troublemaker. Heung-Sik shows up and tells people that it’s on the news. Deok-Sun learns that her son fought with the robber in the bank, and she has to pay the for the bank robber’s dental treatment.

Captain Byun explains that they call it excessive use of force, and some might say it’s a human rights issue. Deok-Sun shows Yong-Sik’s school uniform to Captain Byun, and asks how a bank robber could demand compensation after getting beaten up by a high school kid.

Deok-Sun tells Captain Byun to look at Yong-Sik’s eyes, and she thinks the bank robber saw the lunch container in her son’s hands. She blames him for letting a high school kid break his teeth when he had a gun.

Yong-Sik catches the thief. Captain Byun thinks Yong-Sik should call the police. Yong-Sik explains that he saw the little piece of shit walking out when he got up there. He reveals that he got a bad feeling the moment he saw the little piece of shit.

But Captain Byun tells Yong-Sik that the thief isn’t little, and thinks he makes them look like losers. Yong-Sik is surprised and asks if he will receive another award.

Yong-Sik becomes a civil servant and tells the reporters how he caught the culprit. Captain Byun tells Deok-Sun that she knew the day would come when Yong-Sik caught the bank robber. But she tells him not to be close to her son.

Deok-Sun complains that Yong-Sik promised to date a woman who was born and raised in Seoul. But he didn’t get married and jumped at someone holding a knife. Jeong-Suk comforts Deok-Sun that Yong-Sik’s temper will be tamed when he meets the right person.

Deok-Sun asks Jeong-Suk if Yong-Sik will get married. Jeong-Suk reveals that a rabbit will meet a dragon. Deok-Sun thrills as she thinks her son will meet a girl who’s like an adorable rabbit. But Jeong-Suk points out that Yong-Sik will meet a dragon and he is a rabbit.

Deok-Sun thinks Jeong-Suk is drunk, and asks where the dragon is. Jeong-Suk says that it’s in the east. Dong-Baek shows up and brings the rice cake to the two.

Chan-Suk enjoys the rice cake and thinks the flower shop needs a window. Jae-Young thinks Dong-Baek mainly sees camellias, and wonders if a flower shop would do well on this alley. Chan-Suk says yes and reveals she buys carnations once a year.

But Dong-Baek tells Chan-Suk that it isn’t a flower shop but a bar. Chan-Suk asks Dong-Baek if she opens a pub with her husband. Dong-Baek says that she does it alone. She adds that she doesn’t have a husband. Chan-Suk asks Dong-Baek if she is a widow.

But Dong-Baek says that she’s never been married. So Chan-Suk asks who is the baby. Dong-Baek touches the baby’s head and tells Chan-Suk that it’s her son. She says that people can have a child without getting married.

Chan-Suk washes the crab and thinks a single mom shouldn’t open a bar. But Deok-Sun points out that there isn’t any law that forbids it. She asks her if having a husband is something to be proud of. She thinks stay-at-home husbands are useless there.

Deok-Sun adds that all they can do is help out at the parking lot. Chan-Suk talks back that it’s still better than not having one. Deok-Sun tells Chan-Suk that she wants her money back.

Captain Byun asks Yong-Sik why he got demoted there. Yong-Sik explains that he got transferred there. He tells Captain Byun not to call it a demotion.